About Alpha Models

Alpha Models was imagined as a modern solution to decades of problems in the modeling industry. Owners and partners- Ace and Umram- saw firsthand in their combined 20 years of modeling experience, that companies would bleed money when the hired talent or agency itself failed to deliver. Through professionalism and dedication, they often found themselves on the receiving end of high praise. Although proud of their work, they often asked themselves:

"Why? Is finding reliable talent really that difficult?"

After investigating their networked of satisfied clients and fellow professional-minded models, the answer was clear. Yes, it is difficult and it is aggravating. Clients find themselves scrambling to save entire projects, being behind schedule, playing baby-sitter, or having entirely lost on their investment. Drawing from Ace's experience in the military, and Umram's experience in government, they reenvisioned how a male model talent agency could answer the call.

Someone needed to be able to smoothly execute, and thus the idea for Alpha Models was born.

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